A Self Taught Digital Artist Reveals:
“The Little ‘Perspective Shift’ That Made Me Go From This…
“...To This”
“Oh, f*ck!”

That was probably my most-used word in 2010.

I didn’t have a social life…

My grades were down the toilet… 

And I used to spend 10 hours a day playing League of Legends (even if I was just a mediocre player).

I hated school from the bottom of my heart…

And the only thing that kept me going, preventing me from dying of boredom, was art;

I spent more time doodling anime drawings during school hours than actually listening to my teachers.

Then… 2012 changed my life.

Specifically, this video that came out in 2012 changed my life:

Some people change their lives thanks to a radioactive spider… I changed mine thanks to a YouTube video.😜

It was a time-lapse painting of how artists draw Diana — a League of Legends character.

That was the first time I fell in love with something.

That’s what I wanna do!” I said to myself.

And so I bought my first digital tablet… and started drawing.

The results? Well… they were not-so-wonderful.

Really, just look at them:

My not-so-wonderful old drawings.

The hellish cycle that prevented me from becoming a real artist. (And maybe it's doing the same for you.)

I wanted to get better at art… so I started watching tutorials on
how to become a better artist.

I wanted to draw like them…

I wanted to be at the top of the mountain with them.

Every time I saw beautiful art, inspiration struck me. I felt an urge in my bones to create a drawing as beautiful as the one I saw.

I had an idea of how I wanted the art to look… yet, it always turned out much worse.

I tried to climb the wall…

But, every time, I fell to the bottom. (Trust me, it hurts to fall so many times.)

So I got frustrated and started watching more YouTube art tutorials…

Then more inspiration kicked in… and the cycle repeated.

(Every time I tried to be like my “art heroes”… I failed… miserably.)

“Maybe I’m just not talented enough.”

I don’t know how many times I said that to myself… they were a lot, especially for my already fragile self-esteem.

But then…

A little shift in perspective changed my life.

“A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points.” — Alan Kay

You see…

The problem was not me, the problem was the wall. That darn wall! 😤

Here’s something you might not like to hear… yet, you have to read it:

You cannot use the methods of your favorite artists. They’re professionals.

It would be like trying to copy the ice-skating world champion (Kaori Sakamoto).

She can tell you the tricks, secrets, and all the stuff that helps her do a triple aerial somersault…

But if you follow her, you will just fall… hit your head on the ice and start crying.

You have to follow in their footsteps… not their methods.

You have to follow the path that made them professional artists… not what they’re doing now that they’re professional artists.

Makes sense?

(Don’t climb the wall… follow the road that made them professional artists.)

No great artist climbed the wall... they just walked a steady path that led them to the top.

You have to follow a path that will make you better day by day.

And trust me… before you even realize it, you’ll be at the top with your favorite artists.

That’s the shift in perspective that changed my life and allowed me to become a professional artist.

(One of my freelance projects for a YT channel with 12 million subscribers.)

In case you don’t already know me…

And I’m so excited to introduce my new course:
The Digital Artist Roadmap 🧭

It’s composed of 4 lessons (and a special fifth one)…

That will guide you along the steady path to becoming a professional digital artist.

It’ll take you by the hand and help you overcome art block, self-doubt, and procrastination…

And assist you in building your unique art style that will make you stand out.

The progress @geart_draws made, thanks to perseverance and a little help from us (Doodle Warriors). 

The #1 principle for developing your unique art style.

The same artist made the drawings above… the improvement came mostly from what you’ll discover below.

If you wanna develop your unique art style and make your drawing match the image you see in your mind…

The first thing you should do is take all the  “perfect face proportions” and throw them into the toilet. Seriously, let them go.

They’re not bad per se… but you don’t need them, at least for now.

Following proportions won’t make you a better artist. Actually, they can even harm you.

Because when you follow proportions you’re not really drawing.

Instead of looking at an actual nose and learning how to draw it… you’re just listening to how somebody else tells you to draw a nose.

And let me guess…

Do you draw a nose by starting with two straight lines and putting two balls on the sides? (To me, that seems like another part of the male body.)

Back then, I stuck to proportions too…

And goodness, my drawings sucked.

I mean, they were all flat. Soulless. And they all looked the same.

And worst of all…

I knew there was something wrong with my drawings, but I couldn’t understand how to fix that.

The first thing you should do is take all the  “perfect face proportions” and throw them into the toilet. Seriously, let them go.

They’re not bad per se… but you don’t need them, at least for now.

Progression by one of our cherished doodle warriors, @nottrea_sure 🔥

Here’s the “secret”;

You should start seeing the world in 3D.

“But I already see the world in 3D,” you may say.

Well… my little artist, let me tell you something;

Do you know the difference between a square and a cube?

It’s that the cube has multiple faces pointing in different directions… creating the illusion of depth.

Those “faces pointing in different directions” are called planes.

You shouldn’t see an eye as a mere line on top and another line at the bottom.

You should see an eye as a combination of planes;


That will guide your sketch lines…

Your shadows…

And will help you to create drawings that tell stories and convey emotions.

Without planes, painting is simply flat and soulless.

Planes are why art styles look so different from each other… yet, planes are one of the few things that remain constant among every art style. Every single one.

The planes remain consistent across all those styles. They never change.

And that’s what you’ll discover in the Digital Artist Roadmap.

You’ll destroy all the harmful mainstream advice you might know about digital art…

And transform your mindset to start seeing the world as a combination of planes.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll find in the Digital Artist Roadmap:

The freelance project Breno did for a beer company. Pretty cool, huh?

One of my favorite parts is Lesson 2…

It’ll show you how to cut your shading time in half and achieve better results at the same time.

And, frankly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of everything you’ll get from the Digital Artist Roadmap.


It took me nearly 2 years to create. (Perfectionism, I really hate you❗)

The Digital Artist Roadmap is the first step toward becoming a professional artist… and making a generous living from it.

Progression by @eeveiartz — Wow, that’s a fantastic drawing!🤩

When you join our “Essential” course, you’ll get the Digital Artist Roadmap for free… alongside another juicy bonus.

Progression by our student @maybesallome

But before I tell you how amazing the Doodle Warriors Essential course is…

Here are 2 bad news about it:
  • It’s not a 20-hour-long course.

    Look… I believe that nowadays, the last thing you need is more information.
    Literally, just open YouTube and you’ll be overwhelmed by tutorials.

    As the name says… our Essential course will provide you with the key elements to becoming a professional artist.

    It’s devoid of fluff and filled with value.

    However, if you judge a course by its length… don’t join Essentials.

And the second bad news:

  • You’re a slave! Muhahaha! 😈

    You can’t watch the videos in any order you wish. There’s a specific sequence for viewing the videos. For instance, you can’t watch lesson 3 without first completing lesson 2.

    That’s because we wanna make sure you master the fundamentals before getting to the advanced stuff.

If you’re not ok with one or two of the bad news above… please, do NOT join our Essential course.


Now, let’s move on to what you’ll get from Essentials.

It’s enough to make me cry with happiness.😭

You’ll get 11 lessons (around 1 and a half hours long in total) that will give you… well, all the essential skills you need to become a pro artist.

It won’t waste your time. You’ll focus on the 20% that yields 80% of the results.

You’ll discover:

And… Do you know when an artist shares a stunning drawing and captions it “Just a 20 minute rough sketch”?

Darn. That drove me mad in my early days.😫

I couldn’t create such beautiful sketches in three days, let alone in 20 minutes.

If you’ve ever experienced something like that…

Well, Lesson 5 of the Essential Course will upgrade your “Art Engine” so you’ll be able to draw way faster. [SPOILER: You probably won’t like to hear that.]

And yes…

You’ll also get the essential brushes for your drawing:

And if you’re interested in growing your Instagram account, you absolutely need to check out Lesson 11.

You’ll uncover the only thing artists need to know about social media algorithms (5:08)…

And the six-step posting process to ensure your posts achieve the highest possible quality (8:32).

 I freaking love the Doodle Warriors squad! ❤

But wait… there’s one more bonus if you join the Essentials course today.

Yes, because I’m back now… and oh, do I wanna go crazy with the value you’ll get.

You’ll even gain access to our student only Discord server.

And no, it won’t be like that muted Whatsapp or Telegram group you never check.

In the community, you’ll find genuinely valuable lessons (especially in the pinned messages).

Indeed, you’ll find the “Study-buddies” channel to keep you motivated…

The “mindset-channel” where Doodle Warriors support each other, like this:

Awww… I love you all, Doodle Warriors.😍

And one of my favorite channels, the “personal-work” channel – where we all can share our personal drawings, OC’s to get more ideas and elevate them to the next level.

And much… much more.

So… a quick recap.

If you join the Doodle Warriors Essential course today…

You’ll get access to… well, the Essential course. 

It’ll unveil the 20% you should focus on that will bring 80% of improvements in your digital art skills.

Typically, people can only access this course by joining our fantastic Academy, which costs $29 monthly.

Then you’ll get The Digital Artist Roadmap.

It’ll help you defeat art block, self-doubt, procrastination…

Develop your distinctive art style…

And show you how to draw from your imagination.

The value?

Look, I’m not an economist, but… believe it or not… there are many people ready to get the  Digital Artist Roadmap for $27 if not more.

Because they know how much I overdeliver in terms of value.

Plus, you’ll even get access to our Discord community.

(I can’t estimate its value. There’s no other truly helpful and engaged community like it out there.)

Progression by @rudepeasant 

All of this for just $9, it's practically a legal steal.

And honestly, I’m almost regretting it.

Can I guarantee you’ll find your unique art style and start making a living from your art overnight?


But I can give you the “Artistic Rocket Start Guarantee”🚀

I do guarantee that if you follow the system and apply what you learn…

Your skills will improve dramatically, and you’ll have much more confidence in your drawings.

And I guarantee you’ll look back and say, “Man, I’m so glad I took that course!

Progression by @jasjas.png 

And if that’s not the case…

Just send an email to sup[email protected], and you’ll receive a full refund.

And since I’m a little crazy (like most artists 😝)… I’ll even let you keep the Essential course and the bonuses.

Just hit the purple button below and prepare yourself…

This will be an exciting journey. I promise!

Join the Doodle Warriors Essentials course today and you’ll instantly get
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