Become a Pro-Level Digital Artist WITHOUT Imposter Syndrome

How to Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome & Start Creating World Class Digital Art in a Few Months

This new counterintuitive method goes totally AGAINST all the YouTube tutorials that leave you more confused than ever before.

It shouldn’t work on the surface.

And yet…

It’s helped 1,925 of our students get rid of Imposter Syndrome…

Art block…

And self-doubt.

Here’s what some of them achieved in just a few short months following this new counterintuitive method I invented​

Progression by one of our cherished students, @nottrea_sure 🔥

The name of the method?

The Build-Up Process.

Hi, I’m Angel Ganev.

You might know me from YouTube.

I started the hilarious “roasting your art” trend.

A decade ago, I was creating art that looked like this


I’m able to consistently draw stuff like this
And This


I didn’t learn how to do this from YouTube.

Although I must’ve watched HUNDREDS OF HOURS of follow-along tutorials.

But nope.

YouTube only confused me even more.

I had no clue how to draw a line…

How to color…


Replicate the human body…

Place objects in perspective…

And draw portraits.

(This last thing especially sucked because my love for art first appeared when I was watching people draw my favorite League of Legends character Diana.)

So I forgot about YouTube.

And turned to traditional art.

Yes, textbooks.


I’m not going to tell you to do the same.

Everything I learned from those textbooks…

I discovered ON MY OWN how to apply in a practical way.

Cause the authors don’t tell you.

And this is EXACTLY what led to the birth of my method The Build-Up Process.

Here’s how you can think about it:

Imagine you have to build a building.

First, you start with foundation.

The raw structure.

Then on top of it, you add all the details that make the building pretty.

It’s the same with art.

The “foundation” is the fundamentals:

Knowing how to draw lines, portraits, anatomy, shading, coloring, perspective, and so on and so on…

Is what creates the foundation of your drawing.

From there you layer, or “build up”, all the pretty details on top of it…

To come up with a masterpiece of your own.

Every. Single. Time.

This is EXACTLY how you cure Imposter Syndrome…

Art block…

And self-doubt.

Lots of digital artists feel like they ain’t worth their salt because when you lack the fundamentals you don’t believe you can repeat your work.

Whereas when you’ve mastered the fundamentals…

You can create a masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece.


You can get so good that famous brands will be lining up BEGGING you to work with them.

That’s what happened with our Brazilian student Breno who grew his Instagram to 22K followers and one of the biggest beer companies reached out to him to create the new illustrations for their cans

@brenopontesart 🔥

These and other of our long-term students got to a level that usually takes 4 years to reach, judging by my own experience…

In less than a year 😄

I’m not ashamed to admit it: 

Some of them OUTSHINE me.

So if you want to master the fundamentals, too…

If you want to become confident in your drawing skills in just a few months’ time…

If you want to see what The Build-Up Process is all about…

Then I’m proud to present you my newest course:

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Each is no longer than 10 minutes, so you can blast through them in a day or two.

(I’m a fan of the immersive approach 🤩)

Or if you prefer to take your time…

Just watch a video a day with your morning coffee ☕

OK, here’s what awaits you inside Doodle Warriors Essentials:

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