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The 3 art Secrets You’ll Discover

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Structured Painting

How to be able to paint stunning portraits
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Game-Like Experience

How to progress consistently without being talented or having to deal with art block

Proven Shortcut

How to save years of your art journey by studying the right way

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The Portrait Masterclass is packed with a lot of information that will help you improve by shattering your current false beliefs about art.

This Workbook gathers the key takeaways and the journeys of our successful students. It will allow you to conveniently study these concepts so that you can progress even faster.

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Angel ganev


Meet Angel Ganev

Back in 2011 his obsession to League of Legends pushed Angel to pursue art. He bought his first tablet and got majorly dissapointed when he tried painting digitally for the first time, it was nothing like what he imagined.


It took him 2 more years before he decided to give digital art another try and this time he took it seriously. Instead of taking the “traditional route” by going to art school he decided to take on the journey of the self-taught artist.

What’s The Secret?

8 Years later his art is seen by millions of people worldwide and he has accumulated a huge social media following and self published an art book called “Draw with Angel”. This led to him teaching hundreds of people on how they can improve their art.


His students started to catch up really quickly and some of their work reached a level that would usually take 4 years to achieve in less than 12 months. This proved that there was a shortcut. Through this experience he developed a structured method that artists can follow to quickly improve their art.

So Nothing You’re About To Learn Is Theory

It’s the same proven method that has helped thousands of students just like you. Students who are now able to explore their art style, make commissions and progress without having to deal with art block. And in this MasterClass you’ll see exactly how he does it.

Alexus Bosco

“Every other tutorial out there is really hard to navigate, so I really appreciate the structure and the clarity with Angel’s course

Meet Alexus, she was working a dead end 9 to 5 and didn’t have any art background before joining the course.

She knew from the start that it’s not necessary to be talented and you simply need to invest the time and dedication to become a great artist.

However it was really hard for her to find the right tutorials online until she stumbled upon Angel’s YouTube channel.

This lead to her buying her first graphics tablet and joining the course. Shortly after finishing it she started doing commissions and she is now also mentoring other students.






Varun Singh

“The course not only helped me to improve my painting but it also provided me with a goal to work towards

Meet Varun, he joined the course in August 2020 and he is now on the fast track to reach his goal of becoming a freelance illustrator.

He explained that the course itself is an essential tool to keep him motivated. Seeing the progress and finishing each lesson really motivated him to work even harder.

By going through the course his mindset about art also changed. He understood that art is not something only talented or gifted people can do and everything you need to get better is a goal and clear steps on how to reach it.


Breno Pontes

“After the course my art improved a lot and it keeps improving, because I learned how to practice”

Meet Breno, he is working as a software engineer and drawing in his spare time.

Before joining the course Breno had the desire to improve his art but felt lost as to what he should start practicing first.

He was not happy with the results and the little to no progress he was making, made him feel even more demotivated.

Joining the course helped him improve his art a lot by providing him with a structured practicing schedule.

He learned the skill to be in control while painting and to be able to apply what he has on his mind to the canvas.



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